Cutting Edge Talks

Cutting Edge Talks

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We are offering a new presentation style in 2017: a dynamic 8 minute presentation accompanied by a maximum of 20 slides. These presentations will be delivered in an auditorium as a series related to our conference strands:

  • student engagement
  • creativity
  • critical and divergent thinking
  • innovation
  • collaboration

as they relate to high quality English and literacy learning experiences.

The Cutting Edge Talks will be filmed by the Conference Committee and must contain non-copyrighted material. All images must belong to the presenter, have permission for publication or be drawn from material that is licensed under Creative Commons conditions.

Tips for a great Cutting Edge Talk

Limit the talk to 3 to 5 key points

Consider the key ideas that you want people to take away from your talk and make sure you drive those home at the end.

Don’t get hung up on slides

What you say matters most. Good slides support what you’re saying, not the other way around. Pick simple images, and if you must use text, be sparse, just one or two points. Make the slides flexible enough that if you fall behind it’s easy to skip something to catch up.


Ensure that the talk is all contained within 8 minutes. There is no rule that says you must fill every second with talking. When you practise, practise pausing and breathing. Give your audience a moment to digest the last thing you said. Take a moment between points. You will receive a reminder with 1 minute remaining. Your talk will conclude at the 8 minute mark.

You can find copyright friendly images to use

Search Google’s Creative Commons, flickr, using the advanced options to show your Creative Commons images, or try Please attribute any photos you use and ensure that you have permission.

Watch some Ignite or TEDx talks to become familiar with the format.

Some sample Ignite talks

To register your interest in presenting a Cutting Edge Talk, complete the Conference Presentation Proposal online submission form by 15 January 2017. Go to:

Conference Updates

    30th Nov 16

    Registrations are now open!

    Registrations for the 2017 AATE/ALEA national conference are now open. Our friends Evelyn and Jasmine from Ogilvie High School in Tasmania have a message about registrations - see below.

    See all the details, including early bird and member discount offers on the Conference Registration Page.




    7th Sep 16

    We have our own Conference YouTube Channel!

    We're pleased to report that the AATE/ALEA national conference has its own YouTube channel.  There's lots to see already, and we will be progressively loading more resources from current and past conferences. Click the YouTube icon to go straight there.