Welcome to Hobart, 6-9 July 2017

for the AATE/ALEA National Conference

Cutting Edge: margin to mainstream

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Early Bird registrations close 30 April 2017

We look forward to seeing you here for four inspiring days,
exploring cutting edge thinking and practice,
student engagement, creativity, critical and divergent thinking, innovation and collaboration
as they relate to high quality English and literacy learning experiences.

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Conference Presenters

Elizabeth Birr Moje, USA

Disciplinary literacies

Adolescent learners; the intersection between the literacies youth learn in the disciplines and the literacies they experience outside school.

Cris Tovani, USA

Reading, content comprehension and assessment

Author of I Read but I Don't Get it, Do I Really Have to Teach Reading? and So, What do They Really Know?

Adam Lefstein, Israel

Dialogic practices

Fostering collaboration and dialogue in classrooms and professional practice. Author of Better than Best Practice: Developing Teaching and Learning through Dialogue.

Troy Hicks, USA

Digital Technologies

New pedagogies for teaching and learning in the English classroom. Author of Crafting Digital Writing, Connected Reading and Create Compose Connect!

Linda Hoyt, USA

Engagement and nonfiction texts

Strategies to engage students in reading and writing nonfiction. Author of many books including Revisit, Reflect, Retell, Make it Real, and Explorations in Nonfiction Writing.

Steven L Layne, USA

Building lifetime readers

Fostering a love of reading, engaging reluctant readers and developing lifelong readers. Author of Igniting a Passion for Reading and In Defense of Read-Aloud.

Beryl Exley, QLD

Teaching grammar

Interfaces wth muti-modal texts, engaging pedagogies that connect to students' lived realities. Co-author of Playing with Grammar in the Early Years and Exploring with Grammar in the Primary Years.

Wayne Sawyer, NSW

Teaching Subject English

English curriculum, curriculum history and pedagogy in low SES schools. Author of many titles, including Language and creativity in contemporary classrooms (with Brenton Doecke and Graham Parr).

Peter Freebody, NSW

Leading English and literacy research

Teacher education and professional learning, classroom interaction, educational disadvantage and research methodology.

Noella Mackenzie, NSW

Early writing acquisition

The teaching and learning of writing; the relationship between success with early writing and on-going literacy development.

Lisa Kervin, NSW

Children's literacy development

Young children interacting with digital technology. Co-author of Playing with Grammar in the Early Years and Exploring with Grammar in the Primary Years.

Susan Bye, VIC

Teaching of film as text

Education Programmer, Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). Published extensively on Australian television culture and screen comedy.

Conference Updates

    30th Nov 16

    Registrations are now open!

    Registrations for the 2017 AATE/ALEA national conference are now open. Our friends Evelyn and Jasmine from Ogilvie High School in Tasmania have a message about registrations - see below.

    See all the details, including early bird and member discount offers on the Conference Registration Page.




    7th Sep 16

    We have our own Conference YouTube Channel!

    We're pleased to report that the AATE/ALEA national conference has its own YouTube channel.  There's lots to see already, and we will be progressively loading more resources from current and past conferences. Click the YouTube icon to go straight there.